May 19, 2017
Facts About Sex and Men

Many people believe that men love sex like pizza irrespective of whether it is good or bad. This is just one of many myths associated with sex, and they should be thrown out for good. You will always find many people comparing sexuality between women and men. Some of the differences are exaggerated. Discussed below are some of the surprising things which women need to know about sex and men.

Men do and can fake organisms

A couple cuddling

Many men have confessed by men who fake orgasms to make their girlfriend happy. This is very common in men who are unable to reach climax during intercourse. You will find such men faking orgasm not to offend their girlfriends. You will be astonished by the high number of men who have faked organism in their lives.

Male’s orgasm must not come with evidence

There are some instances when men will orgasm without ejaculating. For instance, some men having diabetes have bladders which do not close well. This can allow semen into the bladder during intercourse. This fluid is released when such men urinate after sex. Old men especially those who have undergone through radical prostatectomy might will also no ejaculate after reaching orgasm. Individuals practicing tantric sex can also reach orgasm even without ejaculating.

Erection problems are also experienced in young men

Young men have sexual issues affecting them just like the old men. It is not only men over 40 who are using the little blue pills. Some of the issues affecting young men are and premature ejaculation and erectile problems. Twenty percent of the young men are faced with this problem.

Men are not always in good mood

A men in unbutton shirt and jeans

Some people believe that men are ever-willing and ever-ready for sex, but this is not always true. However, this can be true at the young age, but things change when men are overwhelmed with responsibilities in their life. Men who are bloated or stressed might not be in the mood. So if you are a lady, you should not freak out when your man is not feeling it sometimes. You should understand men can pass on sex at times.

Men are more focused on pleasing their partners than themselves

There is a myth which states that some guys are selfish in their bedroom. This is not the case with men. They are more concerned with making their partners pleased in the bedroom. This will even apply when a man has some bad feelings for his partner.




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May 13, 2017
Dangers of Masturbation On Men’s Health

Masturbation is one of the private activities in which many teenagers and adults engage in even without realizing its side effects. There are numerous negative effects which are associated with masturbation in both females and males. Many people will only look at the advantages of masturbation and ignore the potential dangers of this behaviour due to the self-satisfaction and pleasure that is associated with it. One can easily get addicted to it by overdoing it. Any masturbation which gets over the board is considered to be unhealthy. Research has shown that over 92% of females and above 95% of males masturbate.

Skin infection

Frequent or excessive masturbation can irritate the skin. The body juices are known for having high glucose levels. You can easily subject yourself to the skin or fungal infections if you don’t maintain good hygiene. Most of the chemicals found in soaps and lubricants can cause rashes on the skin and genitals. One can also contract an infection by introducing harmful bacteria to the pubic region. You are encouraged to thoroughly wash your hand before masturbating to keep off the harmful bacteria. Alternatively, you can stop exposing your skin to these dangers by quitting masturbation.

Sperm with black background

Sperm leakage

Sperm leakage can result from chronic masturbation. This is very common when your parasympathetic nerves are weakened. These nerves are helpful in holding an erection and shutting the ejaculation valves. This can lead to the flowing out of semen even when you are not engaged in sexual activity. Sperm leakage can ruin one’s self-esteem.

Change in the body’s chemistry

Masturbation can lead to over stimulation of the nervous functions when it is overdone. This can further lead to overproduction neurotransmitters and sex hormones such as serotonin, dopamine, and acetylcholine. Overproduction of these substances can make your adrenal glands and the brain to accelerate the conversion of dopamine-norepinephrine-epinephrine. This can adversely affect the body and the brain functions.

Weight loss

Women in over size jeans

Semen is rich in proteins which are useful for the various metabolic activities in the body. These proteins are also responsible for the formation of new body cells. One can easily interfere with the metabolic processes by losing a lot of semen through ejaculation. This can make you very lean by losing weight.

Erectile dysfunction

Individuals addicted to masturbation are more likely to develop weak and soft erections with time. Such people cannot satisfy their partners. This can also make your pelvic nerves and muscles to become weaker. Individuals with weak pelvic muscles will get tired quickly during sexual intercourse.


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