Homosexuality is sexual attraction, sexual behaviour or romantic attraction which occurs between individuals of the same gender or sex. Even if the exact cause of this sexual orientation is not known, it mainly attributed to environmental, hormonal and genetic influences. There is no substantive evidence linking this behaviour with early childhood and parenting experiences.

It is purely unnatural. In fact, scientific research has proven homosexuality to be a natural and normal variation in human sexuality. Homosexual males are referred to as gays while their female counterparts are known as lesbians. This behaviour has also been observed and documented in other animal species. Homosexuals are also diagnosed with HIV. Although the number of heterosexual people is many than the homosexuals, the number of bisexual and homosexual men who are diagnosed with STDs and HIV is higher than heterosexual men.

Homosexuals have a short lifespan


Research has revealed that countries with the high number of gay marriages such as Norway and Denmark have a relatively short shorter lifespan as compared to the conventionally married couples by 24 years.

Exposes children to problems

There are numerous studies which have conducted to establish the problems experienced by kids brought up by homosexuals. Children raised by such parents are known to experience many problems as compared to those raised by the heterosexual parents.


Dangerous behaviours are associated with homosexual sex

Some of the dangerous behaviours associated with this sex orientation include the use of deadly and illegal drugs. You will also find some businesses which are facilitating lesbians and guys to meet up for orgies and sex with strangers. Most of these groups meet in clubs and spas. Minors are more likely to be dragged into these activities. This is one of the most troubling trends in the society. Even if adults have their own private life, the rights of the children should not be interfered with.

Homosexuality cannot be used for biological purpose




Unlike with heterosexuality, homosexuality cannot be used for procreation. This is the hard truth. Unlike with heterosexuality, homosexuality has no legitimacy. The law can only distinguish the fundamental difference between these two orientations. The unproven rights of one group can be compromised at the expense of another one. Some of the rights which are likely to be compromised include children’s right.


Homosexuality is more in men than in women

Studies conducted have revealed that there are higher cases of sexual abuse involving homosexual men than in homosexual women. Again sex abuse cases are more in homosexuals than in heterosexuals. Minors should be protected from homosexual abuse or stimulus as they can be sexualised easily towards this behaviour.