Nov 3, 2019
Top Benefits of Sex Toys for Men

Recent studies have shown that over 30% of men aged between 20 and 60 years use a vibrator to improve sexual function. It is said that men who use sex toys are more likely to participate in sexual health-promoting behaviors like testicular examinations.

For many years, sex toys have been regarded to be a preserve for women, and still, many people do believe so. However, a lot of men have realized that these toys offer a lot of benefits to their health. The improved shape, design, and quality of sex toys result in a wealth of products that are available online and those advertised in men’s magazines.

Prostate Massage

sex toysIt is said that the stimulation of the prostate offers a wide range of pleasure and health-giving benefits. In fact, the prostate is considered to the equivalent of the G-spot in women. This is a walnut-sized semen storage facility that is located at the base of a penis. This gland can be stimulated both internally and externally. Anal stimulation is said to be direct, effective, and intense.

There is a need to have a regular prostate massage to relax the tension and de-stress the muscles in this area. Whenever the prostate is massaged, you can experience powerful, intense, and long-lasting ejaculation. Moreover, a prostate orgasm flushes out stagnant prostate fluid that may cause swelling of the prostate. Thus, you can avoid surgery. Routine prostate massage helps ease symptoms of anal fissures and hemorrhoids.

Prostate massagers are available in a wide range of shapes and designs to aid different functions. For instance, most are available in silicone that is skin safe and gentle on delicate skin. It can also be warmed up or cooled down. You can find prostate massagers that you can use manually and those the vibrate to create varying sexual sensations.

Male Masturbation

Male masturbation is said to have a lot of benefits and cannot damage your health unless you practice it to the extreme levels. When you use male toys, you can prevent over-masturbation.

Studies show that masturbation helps reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Men who masturbate at least five times every week are 30% less likely to develop prostate cancer. That is because carcinogens are flushed out during ejaculation. In this way, the buildup of seminal fluid is reduced.

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