May 17, 2022
Men’s Best Ways to Last Longer in Bed

The classic men’s biggest problem is their incapability to make their partner satisfied in bed. And as we know, the main culprit of this issue is unexpectedly premature ejaculation. So, how can you last longer in bed? That’s the one million dollar-worth question. But with the latest development in sexual health, the answer is quite simple. You can take Viagra or Cialis before sex, but you can also follow these surefire ways to last longer in bed. Keep reading for that huge long-lasting penis you want.

Apply a Delay Spray

partnerThe first thing that we want to discuss is the delay spray. Promescent or other delay sprays provides the best virtue as they can offer a solid solution for premature ejaculation. The instant effect of the delay spray is the best thing about this spray. As we know, speeding up your partner while slowing down your climax is vital. And using a delay spray, you can be the king in your bed. Lidocaine, a desensitizing component in the delay spray, is safe. So don’t worry about the side effects.

Implement the Squeeze Technique

breastWhile using a delay spray can surely make you last longer in no time by desensitizing your nerves, you may need a way in which you can make it even last longer. And if you do, try to use the squeeze technique. The stimulation is still not enough when you’re about to reach orgasm. And this is when you need to squeeze it. But what part should we squeeze? So after stopping your thrusting, rub and squeeze the end of your penis shaft and the top part of your penis. Try to squeeze it several times, and you’ll see the orgasm stimulation slowly decreasing.

Try Masturbating Before the Sex

Men don’t need much time to build up their sexual energy. It means that your body will crave it if you have a longer refractory period between an orgasm. That’s why it’s easier to ejaculate if you haven’t had sex for a while. But it’s not always necessarily sex. The orgasm is what you’re looking for. So you can simply oft to masturbate before sex. When masturbating, be sure to use lubricant as you want to feel the heat and reach an orgasm that simply blows.

Practice Breathing

coupleLast but not least, let’s talk about breathing. Your body needs oxygen, right? What’s more? Not only is breathing capable of staying alive, but it can also stay focused on the moment. When we have sex, our body gets so much tension. Our heartbeat will increase, and we begin to exhibit shallow breathing. It makes your body gets excited too fast. So, try to breathe deeply while doing intercourse. Aside from that, stop your thrusts, take a deep breath and let your body relax for a bit. And that’s about it. Making yourself last longer in bed is possible, even if you don’t take some medicines before sex. Just be sure to follow these tips above.

Aside from that, talk to your partner. Let her know that you love her and make her feel desired. Then, you can also give her more foreplay, to begin with. This way, you don’t need to be afraid of your premature ejaculation.

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