Nov 1, 2017
Two Qualities Of A Top-Notch Escort

Getting the best escort is just as challenging as getting the perfect suitor for you. There are thousands of escorts to choose from. You may never know who will turn out to be the best one for you. Here, we will explain two important factors to consider when looking for a high-end escort.

A woman in lingerie on a bed

Ability To Understand Men

God gave women the duty of understanding the men in their lives. However, most women have ignored this responsibility. For this reason, the women who take their time to understand men always win big in relationships. This is what Ada Katsby, a high-end escort in San Francisco try to do.

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As a man, you know yourself very well. In most cases, a man wants to meet a woman, which he can open up to comfortably. In addition, since men have weaknesses, they want a woman to tolerate their weaknesses. Hence, it is paramount to look for an escort who will provide the feeling of mutual understanding between the two of you. Healing starts where there is understanding.

Acceptance Of The Escort Job Title

Sometimes, the society is unfair to escorts. Whenever the word escort’ is mentioned, people think of the lowest class of people in the society. They forget that an escort is a woman who has sacrificed her image in the society for others to enjoy. For this reason, an escort should own her job title. She should go on with her business without worrying about other people’s judgments of her actions. In addition, she should be comfortable with her position in the society.

Escorts are in the business of providing what men want in their lives- a good companion and good sex. With these two, a man will achieve his dreams with ease. There are also some escorts who are good chefs. With these escorts, you get a perfect package- great companionship, great food, and great sex. Indeed, escorts deserve more respect from the society. They are just doing their job. Ask a man who has been served by an elite escort, and he will tell you that these people serve the interests of the majority of the men in the world.

A woman licking man's nipple

Indeed, a woman just needs to understand a man and love her job to be a top-notch escort. She needs to have the knack of performing the rituals of femininity in a way that attracts men to her like moths to flames. Additionally, she should get her clothing right, from the undergarments to her accessories. She will do anything to ensure that a man is gratified as if the heavenly angels have already shown him the direct way to paradise.

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